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Product differences between DOTP and DOP

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News about the illegal addition of "plasticizers" (plasticizers) and "clouding agents" (emulsifiers) containing toxic chemicals in beverages in the Taiwan area often involve the three chemicals DEHP, DOP and DINP. English abbreviations, what are these compounds and what are the differences between them?

The following is a brief introduction: In fact, DEHP and DOP are both dioctyl phthalate, but they are formed by the abbreviation of the common English chemical names in different regions. In Europe, the English name of dioctyl phthalate is Bis (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, or DiEthyl Hexyl Phthalate, whose abbreviation is DEHP; in other countries, its English chemical name is also called DiOctyl Phthalate, which is the abbreviation For DOP. So, this is just a chemical name, and it is now wrong to treat them as two compounds in news reports.

DOP is an ortho-benzene plasticizer that does not meet EU requirements. DOTP is a p-benzene product that meets EU requirements. It can be produced instead of DOP. DOTP belongs to the environmental protection category. DOTP is cold-resistant, heat-resistant, has high plasticizing efficiency, and high insulation. It is a cable. Ideal plasticizer.

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