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Superiority of synthetic vegetable esters over DOP and DBP plasticizers

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Synthetic vegetable ester is a new type of environmentally friendly plasticizer. It is a new type of environmentally friendly non-toxic plasticizer extracted from a variety of plants and esterified under the action of a series of catalysts. It can be certified by some EU regulations. It can suppress oil spill, and the plasticizing efficiency is higher than DOP and DBP. At the same time, the product has long thermal stability and is not easy to volatilize. It has gradually become the mainstream plasticizer on the market. The environmentally friendly plasticizer T60 produced by our company is a synthetic plant ester plasticizer that gathers the wisdom of all scientific researchers. It is colorless, odorless, safe and non-toxic, and has high plasticizing efficiency. It can be used with conventional products DOP or DBP to better Improve plasticization efficiency, effectively overcome the problem of oily and volatile products. During the use of most products, it can replace DOP or DBP to more than 80%. In plastic runways, silicone rubber In production, T60 can be used as the main plasticizer. The price of environmentally friendly plasticizer T60 is lower than that of most plasticizers on the market. It does not affect the performance indicators of the product, and greatly reduces the production cost of the enterprise.

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