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What are the applications of PVC polyester plasticizer?

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Using PVC polyester plasticizer to produce special nitrile rubber powder, which can be used as modifiers for PVC, ABS resin, phenolic resin, etc., can increase material toughness and improve cold shock resistance. Nitrile powder produced by pvc polyester plasticizer is an ideal raw material for the manufacture of oil-resistant products. Pvc polyester plasticizer is used as a PVC modifier and the produced PVC modifier is used in a rigid PVC formula. Improve the brittleness of PVC resin and play an excellent toughening effect.

PVC polyester plasticizer is used in PVC materials, has excellent processing properties and scratch resistance, and is especially suitable for various plastic products that are resistant to oil and water. The processing performance of the product and the characteristics of the PVC product will decrease.

The role of adding DOP in the formulation is to play a synergistic role with polyester to improve the performance of PVC products. PVC polyester plasticizer can play an irreplaceable role in improving the quality of the product. Adding more than 15 parts in the formula, the PVC polyester plasticizer can greatly improve the characteristics of the product.

Widely used in oil-resistant and high-temperature-resistant special products, such as: oil-resistant hoses, high-temperature, high-humidity non-migrating cable materials, high-temperature-resistant wire coatings, insulation materials, etc., used to contact coating layers, rubber, polystyrene, ABS Products that are close to organic solvents, such as electrical wires, refrigerator seals, tubes, equipment, etc. Used in flooring materials, oil resistant gloves and rubber boots in anti-fouling products.

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